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Chemotherapie BB SFOP

Institut Gustave Roussy - Villejuif, le 8 October 2001

Dear Colleague,

Thanks for your help in treating Charlotte for the relapse of her spinal cord astrocytoma.

She has now completed her first cycle of BB SFOP. Her tumor was clearly progressive during the first course of chemotherapy but her condition dramatically unproved with the second course. After one cycle, the radiologic appearance of the tumor is stable compared to the pre-chemotherapy status (see the films brought by her mother).

We have started the first course of the second cycle sept. 28. The second course (VEPESIDE-CISPLATIN) should be given around oct. 22 if feasible. In the interval, blood counts should be followed weekly. She may need transfusion if platelets fall below 50 000/mm3 or red blood cells fall below 7 g/100 ml. When blood counts start to decrease, we recommand surveillance at least tevice a week.

I would like you to perform an MRI before starting the third cycle (2 weeks after the third course of the second cycle) and I would like to see Charlotte at my consultation with the MRI before starting the third cycle.

See to contact me or Birgit *** if you need any further information.

Docteur Jacques GRILL